Why we exist as a partnership

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Our Mission

Local churches united to spread the gospel and minister Christ's love



Partnership Vision

Every neighbor living in the power of Christ's grace and mercy 




The Warrenton Gospel Partnership (WGP) exists strategically to spread, share, and model the gospel of Jesus Christ to our community through partnership with like-minded local churches. The focus is on explicitly Christ-exalting projects and events to publicly express fellowship in the gospel, love for God and neighbor, and to make new disciples of Christ.



The WGP is an organized means for like-minded local churches to identify one another and to minister together in the community. This shared ministry will focus on local evangelistic and mercy ministry. Therefore, the WGP is not an entity that directs or performs ministries and activities, but rather, those events are solely the responsibility of participating churches. WGP is not a para-church ministry or a β€œnew” local church. It has minimal internal governance and no autonomous capabilities.



The goal is not to blend churches or congregations, but to stand together as independent congregations within the broader universal church. Participants and observers should be able to clearly see how the body of Christ can extend beyond any one local congregation by the love shown to one another and our neighbors.