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+How does my church become a partner?

- To become a partner in the WGP, the candidate church’s leadership must affirm the WGP Statement of Faith and Philosophy of Ministry. After an interview process, the leadership of WGP churches vote to affirm partnership with the candidate congregation by a simple majority vote. Explore Becoming a Partner

+Is the WGP a para-church organization?

- No. The WGP is simply a means for like-minded churches to identify one another so that the gospel can be proclaimed in unity.

+What about my own church’s distinctive?

- The goal is not to blend churches or congregations, but to stand together as independent congregations within the broader universal church while maintaining our own denominational identities.

+Is my church required to participate in every WGP event?

- No. Your participation depends on your own interest in a given ministry or project.

+May my church do ministry with churches who are not members of WGP?

- Absolutely!

+What makes an event a WGP-sponsored ministry?

- When each of the sponsor churches of a given event or ministry are WGP partners, then may carry the WGP label.

+How does communication within the partnership work?

- The primary means of communicating is our quarterly WGP Committee meeting. The Committee doesn’t plan, manage, or execute ministry events or projects, but the meetings are an opportunity to keep the dialogue going among the various partner churches in order to share ideas, fellowship and encourage one another.